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CANFED Visa & Immigration, where we process your most important aspirations, your life time decisions, your dreams and your ambitions. We honour your expectations and goals and try to match our services so that things are planned and executed so as to achieve the ultimate goal of your life. We touch almost each aspect of immigration which includes visitors, students, work permits, permanent residency, citizenship and many more. This diversity is very challenging and exciting as things keep on changing very fast and we need to keep ourselves updated so to suggest the best possible solution.

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Owner Operator LMIA

The Owner Operator LMIA is one of the most useful tools for Business Immigrants who can meet the Express Entry requirements as it helps in improving Comprehensive Score Rating CRS by 200 points. This program is the only hope for those qualified and experienced applicants who are eligible to create Express Entry profile, but their CRS score is too low to beat the current threshold cut-off.

Work permits may be issued to foreign nationals( the applicant) whose proposed Canadian employer( The applicant himself) has obtained an opinion from Employment and Social Development Canada (“ESDC”), which ensures that the job offer( to the applicant only) is genuine; and would likely have a neutral or positive effect on the Canadian labour market.

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The intra-company category allows running companies from outside Canada to temporarily transfer qualified employees to Canada

  • if the company has its working branch, affiliate company or subsidiary in Canada and
  • if this transfer of employee, adds value to the Canadian Labour Market with their enhanced skills and expertise for the purpose of improving management effectiveness and
  • if a significant contribution to Canadian economy in future like; investment in Canadian economy, expanding Canadian trade or exports and generating employment for Canadian.
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Self-Employed (Federal)

The Canadian Self-Employed Persons Program is designed to those individuals who have relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics. Applicants must be willing to establish a business that will create employment for themselves.

Applicants need to meet several eligibility criteria to get the visa:

  • Must have at least 2 years experience of self-employment in cultural activities or in athletics, and participation at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics.
  • Must have sufficient funds to support the dependents upon their arrival
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Business Investor PNP

People around the world can apply under various investment categories to get settle in Canada. There is only two Federal Investment programme running at this point of time but the interested investors can apply under PNP or they have option to explore special programs offered by province of Quebec. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is specifically designed for experienced management professionals who wish to immigrate to Canada and have genuine intention to settle in Quebec.

Provincial Nominee Program for Entrepreneurs was created to permit other to apply. Provinces and territories can design their own programs as per their individual needs. So they independently manage and control their immigrant selection criteria in accordance with their needs and priorities.There are many programs which can suite the need of all type of investors starting from small businessman to the big corporates.

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Spouse And Children

Sponsoring a spouse, common law partner or child whether as dependent or an orphan relative or under adoption for Permanent Residence, at first you must be:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Sign an undertaking for 3 years for spouse and 3-10 years for Child that you will provide and meet the basic requirement of person of people you are sponsoring.
  • Satisfy Quebec specific laws regarding sponsorship if you live in Quebec.
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Family Sponsorship Rejections

If your Family sponsorship application is refused by Visa officer outside Canada or Immigration officer inside Canada, you have a right to appeal the decision. The sponsorship appeal is made to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).This can only be made by the main applicant to the sponsorship application who is a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen and his application is refused.

There is no right to appeal if the appeal is Rejected due to the serious criminality of the person being sponsored.

You have 30 days after receiving the refusal letter from the authorities, to appeal to the IAD.

  • A completed Notice of Appeal form.
  • A copy of the IRCC refusal letter sent to the person you sponsored.
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Humanitarian and Compassionate

Under Canadian immigration, the applications or appeal can be made on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds which allows individuals to apply for Permanent Residence who otherwise may not be eligible. The applicant must demonstrate that they would experience unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardships if they were ask to leave Canada.

Permanent residency applications on H&C grounds are approved only in exceptional circumstances where assessment is made on the information provided by applicant and a decision will be made based on personal circumstances of each individual. It can take many years to process an application.

Many H&C applications are based on degree of economic, cultural or family establishment in Canada which is significant in nature.

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Canadian Residency Obligations

There are some Canadian Residency Obligations that one needs to follow i.e. Permanent residents should be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days out of every five years so as to renew their status. Visa officer has no desecration to overlook this residency obligation so you may lose your Permanent Resident status if you did not meet your residency obligation.

Your days will be considered if you were Outside Canada but accompanying a spouse/common-law partner or you are a child accompanying a parent who is a Canadian Citizen or a Canadian permanent employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian enterprise or the Public Service of Canada anywhere outside Canada.

The calculation of residency days for a person who has been a Canadian permanent resident for more than five years will be limited to the five years immediately preceding the examination. Persons who have been Canadian permanent residents for less than five years must demonstrate that they will be able to meet the residency requirement during the five-year period immediately following their becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

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Express Entry FSW, FTW AND CEC

Permanent Residency through Express Entry Program (NOC O, A or B only)
You must be eligible for one of Canada’s three economic class immigration streams:

For economic class immigration “Express Entry” is Canada’s immigration application management system. Candidates for Express Entry have to score points out of total available 1200 points under comprehensive ranking system (CRS) which is meant to approve those candidates who meet the minimum threshold set for each draw.

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